Rector's Search Discernment Committee Report

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Discernment Committee -  Congregation Update July 21, 2019

The Discernment Committee is very grateful to the congregation for its prayers, information input, and patience during this initial stage of our efforts to identify a Priest in Charge for St. Philip’s.  Our committee was asked to identify specific attributes we as a church desire in a priest. We have worked effectively to gather this information and have reported the key attributes to the vestry and diocese.  Throughout the process to date, we have been mindful and trusting of the expressed wishes of the congregation.  We have been serious in our prayers for guidance by the Holy Spirit.  None of our efforts would have been possible, however, were it not for your sustained trust and support.  Please continue to pray and support us as we engage the next phase of this discernment process. 

Based on your input and our analysis of all information and comments received, we concluded that the five most important qualities we seek in a priest are:

  1. Proactive, Consistent Pastoral Care - The rector must proactively and consistently perform pastoral duties, including visits to the sick, bereaved, and people facing difficulties.
  1. Interpersonal Ability - The rector must have excellent interpersonal skills, be approachable, outgoing and people-centered.
  1. Cultural Empathy – The rector must empathize and identify with our culture and history. The rector also must have demonstrated experience in working with an African American church.
  1. Relevant, Engaging Preaching and Teaching – The priest must provide preaching and teaching that will inspire and encourage spiritual formation and increased engagement in Christian education.
  1. Passionate Program Support and Development - As a partner with the vestry and the church, the rector must support and work with us to continue and enhance current efforts and create additional opportunities to address the needs of its members and community.

Next steps:

The Discernment Committee will interview candidates we feel match our desires as a congregation. We will present our candidate to the Diocese and Vestry.  During the period that we are determining which candidate we will select (silent period), the Discernment Committee will not be able to respond to any inquiries about candidates.

Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

St. Philip’s Discernment Committee