Priest-in-Charge Key Qualities and Process Next Steps

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

Priest in Charge Key Qualities and Search Process Next Steps

Based on input from the parish and the Discernment Committee’s analysis of all information and comments received, key qualities we desire in a priest were identified. The following was submitted to the diocese to guide their search for our next priest:

St. Philip’s is searching for a priest who will enthusiastically partner in the leadership of the church and who has the spiritual, emotional and physical vitality to lead us to be who God is calling us to be now and in the future.

The most important qualities we seek in a priest include:

  • Proactive, Consistent Pastoral Care - Our church knows that genuine pastoral care is at the core of Christian relationship and recognizes there is a need to expand the care provided within our parish. Therefore, the rector must proactively and consistently perform pastoral duties, including visits to the sick, bereaved, and people facing difficulties.
  • Interpersonal Ability - St. Philip’s is a spiritually engaged parish with a warm environment made up of a socially and economically diverse congregation. The rector must have excellent interpersonal skills, be approachable, outgoing and people-centered.
  • Cultural Empathy – St. Philip’s rich history and heritage as the first historically African American Episcopal congregation established in the American South are the foundation of our church. Accordingly, the rector must empathize and identify with our culture and history. The rector also must have demonstrated experience in working with an African American church.
  • Relevant, Engaging Preaching and Teaching – Our church seeks to better understand the scriptures and their relevance in today’s world.  As our Christian journey leader and companion, the priest must provide preaching and teaching that will inspire and encourage spiritual formation and increased engagement in Christian education.
  • Passionate Program Support and Development - Our church is focused on doing God’s work by supporting and uplifting its members, as well as the community, through various in-reach and outreach programs. As a partner with the vestry and the church, the rector must support and work with us to continue and enhance current efforts and create additional opportunities to address the needs of its members and community.

Process Next Steps:

Based on the diocesan search, 2-4 pre-vetted candidates will be presented to the Discernment Committee for interview.  The candidate determined by the Committee to be the best fit for our church will be presented to the vestry for review and confirmation. 

Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

St. Philip’s Discernment Committee