Giving Options:

Thank you for your giving. We tremendously appreciate your generosity. Your financial gifts to St. Philip's are vitally important to support our church, our ongoing ministries, and our outreach and in-reach programs. Your giving provides over 95% of our income! You are the financial source of our good works.

Please give, as you are able, using any of these methods: mail, electronic checks, text (new), online (new), or PayPal. If you have questions, please contact our Treasurer, Vickie Seymour.


  • We have secured a PO Box for enhanced security during this time when we are not consistently present at our church building.
  • Send your financial gifts to our new PO Box: 
    • St. Philip’s Episcopal Church PO Box 27492 Richmond, Virginia 23261
  • Please use the new PO Box for mailing ALL financial gifts.



  • Just like you send electronic payments from your bank to pay bills, you can set up a payment to St. Philip’s as a one-time gift or a recurring offering.
  • This is available at most banks as part of their on-line banking options.



  • We now offer a simple, mobile-friendly way for you to give donations and offerings via text.
  • Just text GIVE to (833) 959-2287 and you will receive an automated text to securely set up your credit card or bank account to make your financial gift to St. Philip's.
  • Once set up, your next gift can be made with a single text!



  • Donate easily with a credit card or your bank account
  • Preferred over PayPal - You have the option to pay the transaction fee so our church doesn't have to!
  • Click HERE to donate online



  • We use PayPal to receive credit card donations. 




Contribution to Ministries

Rector's Discretionary Fund  

Special Offering

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 Contribution of Choice

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Because we are able to achieve something with our money, we have reasons to rejoice. Our money enables ministry to take place—and this means people hear the gospel, see God’s heart, and witness His power in their lives.



When Paul called the Corinthians to support his work financially, he encouraged them to mimic the generosity of their God, who has "distributed freely" (2 Corinthians 9:9). The generous heart looks for an opportunity to serve, seeing not what we must sacrifice but what our resources are able to accomplish.



In the Old Testament, God's followers are commanded to give the first ten percent of everything they receive (Leviticus 27:30).  Giving sacrificially helps us prioritize God's eternal kingdom over temporal "stuff" and deepens our sense of dependence on Him.