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Our church holds to the essentials of our tradition as expressed in the scriptures, the Creeds, and the sacraments.
Our church members are actively engaged in helping others come to Christ.
We are a growing church.
Our outreach ministries sufficiently respond to the needs of our surrounding community.
Our parishioners are growing closer to God through Christian Education provided by St. Philip's.
Our parishioners can find the care and attention they need at St. Philip's.
Our church presently offers a worship experience that is appealing to individuals of all ages and walks of life.
Our congregation has a clear mission and purpose which I can state.
Our congregation is spiritually vital and alive.
St. Philip's emphasizes living out one's faith in daily life is very important.
Our parish is willing to change to meet new challenges.
The term "Vibrant and Engaging" describes our 10:30 AM worship service.
Our parishioners are good at welcoming Sunday visitors.
Our parish considers Sunday School an important part of St. Philip's.
Questions Not at all Important Somewhat Important Neutral Important Very Important
Classes that engage scripture and their applications to our everyday lives.
Small groups, meditation groups, classes, programs designed to help develop and deepen a life-changing relationship with God.
Catechism (theology), bible study, youth group, outreach events, etc.
Catechism (theology), bible study, Vacation Bible School, etc.
St. Philip's needs to remain as it always has been to ensure continuity.
St. Philip's needs to adapt and change to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.
Our Sunday worship music is good and needs no changes.
It is important for St. Philip's to be welcoming to visitors.
It is important for our worship to be easy for newcomers.
Using the categories below, what is your perception of St. Philip's Episcopal Church?