Working together

St. Philip’s partners with several local organizations to provide volunteer support and financial support for their mission and ministry. Some of the organizations we partner with are Obama Elementary School, Anna Julia Cooper School, the Peter Paul Center, and the Red Cross.

The Church Periodical Club & St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

The partnership between these two entities was a Blessing from the beginning. The thought of securing funding was obviously something that we needed as we dealt with a “Blessed Interruption” and the eventuality of coming back to in-person church. It was clear that National Book Fund was worth pursuing knowing that it could be a wonderful collaboration to move us past COVID-19 and the reopening of our doors. The resources that were available could certainly enhance our efforts to welcome our parishioners back to gather as a loving and faithful community in Richmond, VA.

St. Philip’s is one of the oldest churches in the Diocese of Virginia. We recently celebrated our 161st Anniversary and focused on the theme of Reflect, Rejoice and Renew. Receiving The Church Periodical Fund Grant helped us enhance that theme and respond to the preparation of our doors reopening and parishioners coming back to in person worship. We focused on the following areas of shared ministry.

  • The Music Ministry
  • The Children’s Ministry
  • The Young Adult and Adult Ministry
  • The Community Garden Ministry

Our Worship Team uses the Music Ministry to connect the liturgy, prayers and sermon. The Children/Young Adults and Adults Ministry were more interested in non-traditional services. The Community Garden Ministry offered open, safe space for services outdoors where many congregants felt more comfortable. It also produced nutritious vegetables needed for a healthy lifestyle. The positive effect of connecting and utilizing the collective efforts of those with like-minded ideas and goals brought our church family together to work on shared projects.  As we returned to in-person church, it was important to ensure that St. Philip’s continued to not just survive but also to thrive in our community.

Written material requested and received included

  • The African American Hymnal (50 copies)
  • We’re Different, We’re the Same, and We’re All Wonderful (25 copies)
  • Does God Like to Color? (25 copies)
  • Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times, by Michael Curry (75 copies)
  • Grow, Cook, Eat, A Food Lover’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening ((50 copies)

St. Philip’s is most appreciative of the assistance from the Church Periodical Club, National Books Fund Grant.

In gratitude and thanksgiving,
Ernestine Armstrong

Weekly Worship

Sunday Services are held at 8:00 am and 10:30 am (also livestreamed)


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