The Rev. Frederico Garza

Frederico Garza

Frederico has been the deacon at St. Philip's since his ordination in February 2012 (pictured on the left in the photo).  He is happily married to Mary. Together they make a great team!  Frederico became an Episcopalian in 1997 after being unchurched for his entire adult life.

Frederico helps folks obtain food at St. Philip's Food Pantry as well as going to prisons to help people find or deepen their faith in Jesus. He also helps church folk discover Jesus' message that it is through picking up their cross that salvation is found. He does this by preaching the message that church is outside the stain glass windows, not inside.

After working for over 20 years building computer chips, Frederico changed careers in order to provide the necessary schedule flexibility to minister to others.  Frederico's paid gig is building websites.