The Rev. Frederico Garza

Frederico Garza

Frederico has been the deacon at St. Philip's since his ordination in February 2012 (pictured on the left in the photo).  He is happily married to Mary. Together they make a great team!  Frederico became an Episcopalian in 1997 after being unchurched for his entire adult life.

As the deacon, Frederico's role in our church is to be an example of Jesus, the Servant and Prophet. His ministry consists of visiting people in prison, walking with folks in our Northside neighborhood, serving our clients in our food pantry, teaching Sunday school, and doing pretty much what we ask of him. His greatest impact on our church family is to point to the Risen Savior through a lens without the baggage of tradition, doctrine or theology. Frederico constantly reminds us the church is not the building - it's the people. 

Frederico is originally from New Mexico. He moved to Richmond in 1999 and has lived here in Northside Richmond since 2006. He is an electronic engineer by trade but likes to do everything from painting to carving to playing the guitar. After working for over 20 years building computer chips, Frederico changed careers in 2009 in order to provide the schedule flexibility required to minister to others on a more consistent manner. His paid job is designing and building websites.